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With hand sanitizers being a part of our day to day lives now, treat your hands + nose and try our all-natural sanitizers. Take a break from the traditional, alcohol-smelling hand sanitizers on the market and smell like your favorite candle wherever you are! 


We recommend two sprays for adults + one for kids and teenagers. Please, even though our product is all natural, it will cause eye irritation or irritation if ingested. Please keep out of reach of young children + animals. 

Hand Sanitizers

    • Spray once or twice per use.
    • Keep out of reach of pets and don't let children use unsupervised.
    • Not for human consumption, could be harmful if swallowed. 
    • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth, wash immediately  if in contact with sanitizer.
  • Brazilian Crush-Salted Caramel, Jasmine, Pistachio

    Campfire Marshmallow- Gooey Marshmallow 

    Cologne- Bergamot, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

    Golden Amber- Warm Amber, Sandalwood, Sweet Patchouli

    Lavender & Lemon- Earthy Lacender + Sweet Lemon 

    Love Spell- Peach Blossom, Jasmine, White Musk

    Moondust- Black Plum, Amber, Jasmine, Vanilla Woods, Warm Musk

    Morning Dew- Spring Air, Raindrops, White Jasmine, Soft Amber

    Namaste- Sweet Clementine, Blue Fressia, Soft Vanilla

    Plum Moscato- Black Currant, Purple Plum, Sandalwood, Moscato

    Sweet Dreams- Earthy Lavender, White Musk

    Wander-Dark Lavender, Smokey Cedarwood, Vanilla Musk

    When Life Gives You Lemons- Vanilla Cake Batter, Sugar Glaze, Lemon Zest

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