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A flameless alternative to our soy candles and great way to take your favorite scent anywhere, our new car diffusers allows just for that! Our enticing car diffusers are hand crafted with premium, natural fragrance oils and will continously fill your car with a unique scent. With different designs to choose from, find the perfect vessel to blend seemlessly into your car! Set comes with one vessel and a car oil of your choice! 

Car Diffuser Vessel Set

    • Diffuser will last between 60 days. 
    • Attach securely to rear-view mirror.
    • Fill vessel with only 4 to 5 droppers.
    • Becareful to not over-fill or tip to prevent spillage.
    • Firmly secure wooden top after refill.
    • CAUTION: Keep your diffuser away from excessive heat and flame.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    • Not for human consumption, could be harmful if swallowed. 
    • Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wash hands if in contact with oils.
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