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Fragrance refill bottles for our car diffusers. Each bottle of fragrance is 1 ounce and is 4 refills worth of. Each bottle will last up to 2 months before replacement necessary. 


This does not include the diffuser vessel.

Car Diffuser Oil Refill


    • Diffuser will last between 60 days. 
    • Attach securely to rear-view mirror.
    • Fill vessel with only 4 to 5 droppers.
    • Becareful to not over-fill or tip to prevent spillage.
    • Firmly secure wooden top after refill.
    • CAUTION: Keep your diffuser away from excessive heat and flame.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    • Not for human consumption, could be harmful if swallowed. 
    • Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wash hands if in contact with oils.
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